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Domo Unveils New Integration Cloud iPaaS Solution

Domo Unveils New Integration Cloud iPaaS Solution

Source: Domo

Domo has announced the release of a new Integration Platform as a Service (iPaaS) solution called Domo Integration Cloud. The tool utilizes Domo’s back-end data integration and management features and bundles them with new capabilities. The new product features more than 600 plug-and-play cloud connectors and enables bi-directional data exchange, live cache and data transformation in the cloud, on-prem or in hybrid environments.

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Domo Integration Cloud enables users to prepare data with visual integration flows and access and control it through the tool’s governance framework. Integration Cloud also includes a new data pipeline tool called Integration Studio, as well as its Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) Driver. The product is rounded out by an API manager and third-party developer kit so users can build custom data connectors.

Domo is most known for its cloud-based analytics and business intelligence platform. The product offers embedded BI functionality and allows users to embed interactive Domo cards in portals, on web properties and inside applications. The vendor’s platform is highly customizable, and an Analyzer feature can be tailored to filter out unnecessary data. Domo also recently introduced its first machine learning application, a trend that is pervasive across the industry, into its “Magic” ETL module.

In a statement to the media, the company’s Chief Strategy Officer Jay Heglar said of the release: “Most organizations have dozens to hundreds of data sources that need to be brought together to get a complete picture, yet, to date, there hasn’t been a single solution to address this problem. Domo’s Integration Cloud is the first unified solution to bring together data from across an organization into a securely managed platform, while comprehensively addressing data integration, access and governance.”

Domo released a new Data Science Suite in December, a product that provides both basic and advanced data science capabilities directly into the Domo platform.

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