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Tellius Unveils Live Insights Capability for Cloud Data Warehouses

Tellius Unveils Live Insights Capability for Cloud Data Warehouses

Source: Tellius

Tellius recently announced the launch of Live Insights, a new capability that enables users to generate data analysis within their cloud data warehouses. The new feature utilizes the compute power of cloud data platforms for automatic insight generation without requiring the data to be extracted from these systems. Tellius Live Insights extends the vendor’s core AI-augmented analytics platform with add-ons to democratize insights, enable zero data movement, and provide faster, more relevant insights.

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Tellius offers a search and AI-powered data analytics platform. The product features a proprietary Genius AI Engine that is designed to allow business users ask questions about their data. Tellius has natural language processing that interacts with users in plain language and creates narratives alongside data visualizations as well. The tool can also provide personalized recommendations by anticipating needs and automatically offering related insights and suggestions. Tellius is built on the Apache Spark distributed architecture.

Tellius Live Insights helps users identify trend drivers and compare cohorts by identifying the underlying key differences between groups of customers or transactions. It also enables users to receive proactive insights by having the system continuously monitor cloud data to highlight anomalies and the underlying reasons at a granular level.

In a media statement on the news, Tellius Founder and CEO Ajay Khanna said: “The modern data stack is not just about re-tooling for the cloud; it presents an opportunity to transform how organizations approach analytics by moving beyond decades-old processes of limiting business users to pre-built dashboards and data specialists to manually querying data. Live Insights is another step in modernizing the analytics experience with AI-driven automation and natural language interfaces that allow our customers to stand up a complete modern data stack and go from data-to-insights in just a few minutes.”

Read Live Insights: Automated Analytics for Cloud Data Warehouses in the company’s blog to learn more.

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