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Want to Use Teradata Vantage in the Cloud? Now You Can

Want to Use Teradata Vantage in the Cloud? Now You Can

Source: Teradata

Teradata has announced that its recently released Vantage analytics platform will now be available via public (Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure), private and hybrid cloud environments. The company is also adding an on-prem feature that provides key cloud benefits while remaining within a customer’s data center, as well as a new disaster recovery service that works alongside an organization’s physical infrastructure.

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Vantage allows users to access and analyze data without having to learn a new tool or language. The Teradata ecosystem supports advanced analytic functions like the company’s recently introduced 4D Analytics. Users can receive immediate access to functions such as math and statistics, data transformations, path, pattern, visualization, association, cluster, decision tree and text. The tool also integrates with third-party tools and analytic languages.

Teradata is aiming to help users simplify the process of subscribing to its services, allowing them to subscribe via a pre-approved channel. The contract will be between the customers and AWS Marketplace and will appear on the monthly AWS statement as a single transaction for Vantage software, AWS infrastructure and Teradata services. Teradata provisions Vantage software and purpose-built infrastructure within a data center and then monitors and manages it remotely so users can utilize existing training, workflow, procedures and software customizations.

The new Disaster Recovery as a Service offering features pay-as-you-go pricing, and Teradata provisions and manages the cloud infrastructure. Organizations can back up and store their data in the cloud and spin up the system only when needed.

In a statement, the company’s Chief Product Officer Reema Poddar said: “Vantage has already been picked up by customers faster than any other product in Teradata’s history. We’re enormously proud of that and we also understand that many of our users would prefer to have as-a-service options for Vantage. We have delivered that capability and today we are extending it to ensure all of Teradata’s customers, regardless of where they stand in their cloud or analytic journey, have an as-a-service offering to choose from.”

The new as-a-service offerings are now available. Read the company’s full announcement.

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mardi 25 juin 2019

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